Friday, July 8, 2011

Washed Out NPR Full Album Stream

John Mayer, and most people listening to music post 1975, predicted that in the future most of the music we would listen to would predominately come from machines.

Well the future is here.

Washed Out is an artist near and dear to my heart, for introducing Chillwave, but also for doing an excellently skillful and futuristic job of intergrating voice and beat and machine. It didn't even occur to me,  though, that he had yet to release a full length album; his EPs being satisfying onto themselves.

But not only has SubPop snatched him up (score), but NPR (the prior target practice of Republican deficit reduction) has graciously provided a full album stream of the album that officially drops next Tuesday July 12th.

You can listen here:

But here are some notables:



You and I (the effects and ending to this is just angelic)-

Upon listening to this stream I got a markedly more polished feel to this LP than the endearingly bombastic previous songs. But as I listened further along, I did not feel less joy. Instead (as the cover art may suggest), the previous works were the awesome first few getting-to-know-you dates. The LP is when he puts the moves on us and makes passionate love to our ears.

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