Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sometimes Certain Songs Come To Save You From the Doldrums of Banal Living

Have you heard the new Lykke Li album? You probably have, because you probably know some member of the Lykke Li cult strong arming you into listening into everything she does (i.e. me). This song, "I Follow Rivers" is among my favorite songs on this charming album (only probably beat by "Youth Knows No Pain"). But when I heard this remix of it, I was floored that Lykke Li could even sound better. (Sure, I've heard remixes of her songs, but usually the original beats them. This one, however, took the cake). I've played this several times and can now attest that it has lifted me from my depression of still not being able to become a ghost writer for Weezy. It's songs like these that remind me of the lovely things in life, like awesome songs being turned into more awesome remixes.

p.s., speaking of awesome new music, have you heard the new stuff from Toro Y Moi? Not to sound like a blind Pitchfork follower, by listing two of the 3 recent picks for best new music, but Toro y Moi's transition from chillwave (which he did beautifully) to electro-funk (which he does brilliantly) is wonderful in a world where consistency leads to boringness and experimentation can fall flat. I also can't stop playing these two tracks.

Hugs, Lattes, Long Islands and Kisses,